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Hw r u doin' my lovely readers?fine? I hope so. *_* This posting is about Definition of TESOL, ELT, TEFL, ESL, EFL or in Indonesian it is "PengertianTESOL, ELT, TEFL, ESL, EFL"

So, I'd like to share something about TESOL, ELT, TEFL, ESL, EFL. You may need the definition below as your reference or just additional information:

1. TESOL (an acronym, pronounced as a single word, with the syllable sounding like 'tea') stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

2. ELT (which is pronounced as three separate letters) is the abbreviation for English Language Teaching

3. TEFL (which, like TESOL, is pronounced as a word. The vowel sounds like the vowel in 'tell') is an abbreviation of Teaching English as a Foreign Language

4. ESL (said as three separate letters) stands for English as a Second Language

5. EFL (said as three separate letters) stands for English as a Foreign Language

Additional Information:

1. The Term TESOL is associated more closely with the United States, while ELT is more common in the United Kingdom.

2. EFL is nice to have, and ESL is need to have

3. In ELT/TESOL, English is usually the medium of instruction in class, that is, English is taught through English, with little or no use of a learner’s first language.

4. ELT/TESOL can offer a varied and interesting career for people who like working with others, who like the idea of working in different countries and who are interested in language and languages.
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  1. sorry before. just wanna complete your definition that TEFL means Teaching English as a foreign language so it's common use to learners who live in outside native English speaking country. TEFL is sometimes used in place of TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) or TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language).



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